Reasons you should invest in a quality broadband connection to boost business productivity

Business owners often tend to overlook the importance of a speedy internet connection. ISPs may also lure these owners to believe that they have the access to the fastest internet connections. However, the fact is that an internet connection with non – optimal speed can hamper the performance of a business extensively.

It goes without a saying that broadband connection are expensive. You might also consider that saving money by subscribing to a cheap internet connection might be the wiser choice. However, in reality having a bigger bracket for expenditure onto broadband internet services can fetch businesses with great returns on investments.

Compiled below are a myriad of reasons as to how a speedy broadband connection can boost the performance of a business manifolds. Airtel broadband connection is speculating all of them in detail.

1.It helps in increasing productivity:

Studies have been carried out and it is found that there is an indirect relation between the time involved in loading of a website page and the number of customer or sales generated for a business. For instance can lose 1.6 billion dollars of sales on an average if there is a delay of one second in the loading of their webpages.

There is no doubt in the fact that time and money are the most important assets for individual. The relevance of mentioning this point is that suppose if your employees take around 4 hours in a day to wrap up their routine tasks. Now, consider that 5 percent from this amount time goes into waste owing to slow internet connection. This can lead to 50 hours of wasted time in an entire year. Now calculate the amount of monetary losses these scenario can cause you.

Subscribing to Airtel Broadband Connection will make sure that the efforts your staff puts in carrying out their routine tasks lead to optimum results.

2. Speed can reduce stress levels:   

Researches carried out by the World Health Organization prove that the American businesses face an expenditure of over $ 300 Billion each year to curb issues related to stress. Subscribing to Airtel Broadband Chandigarh can prove to be effective stress busters as their connection has optimum levels of internet speed.

Airtel Broadband Chandigarh will also help you in addressing and offering resolutions to your customers much faster thus fostering long – term business relationships.

3. Broadband offers excellent multiple user connectivity:

Other forms of internet connection are known to suffer when multiple users are connected on the same network. The simple logic behind this is that the bandwidth speed gets divided equally amongst all of these users. This instance is most relatable in cases of a wireless internet connection.

The Commission of Federal Communication in India has established 0.5 to 1 mbps and 0.5 mbps as the speeds of downloading content on the internet and emailing respectively. Airtel Broadband Connection is known to offer the best bandwidth speeds in the industry. Hence, the higher the bandwidth of the connection will be, the faster surfing users will be able to enjoy.

4. Faster broadband connections leads to reduced expenditures:

The increase in amount of the business productivity will ultimately lead to an increase in the amount of direct savings that a business can make.

Consider the instance of Grant Thornton Inc. They have admitted to save a total of $ 8 lakhs after having invested in the VoIP technology. This technology enables users to make call regulated by an internet connection. For a fact, VoIP needs a broadband connection for its operation. Faster and better internet speed will lead into high – quality audio as well as video calls. Thus by making one time investment in VoIP once can save huge sums of recurring bills they will have to pay for telephone facilities.

It is a prudent choice to consider subscribing to Airtel Broadband Connection to see your business reach the pinnacle of success.

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